How the Soup Got Started

My love of great food started out back when I was young, sitting in the kitchen watching my mom and my grandma work their magic. I watched. I learned. I picked up tips and tricks that you can’t find in any cookbooks. This stuff is genetic. And the training I had in that kitchen planted a seed that is now blossoming into something that I’m really excited about.

As a wife and mother of three young kids, I try to be the same example that my mom and grandma were for me at that age. I try to model healthy eating, teach wit and wisdom, and make sure there are plenty of fresh organic fruits and vegetables in their diets.

Now, I’m not a nutritionist or a dietician. I am just a firm believer in eating a variety of colors, and getting as close to checking off the rainbow spectrum as possible. I’m also not perfect. I’ve been known to put away more than the recommended serving size of ice cream, or wine, or sometimes both simultaneously. We all have our vices! Balance is the key. And balance is easier to achieve when it’s effortless to get your nutrition in on a daily basis.

But sometimes convenience is the enemy, for all of us. Finding a nutritious meal or a healthy snack, in the midst of the daily runaround, requires preparation. You’ve got to think ahead. And think of soup! I see soup as a perfect source of nourishment. I love every sense of that word, nourishment, and all that it represents. What was missing from this nourishment option was the layer of convenience. 

And so I created Spoon Optional. Mainly out of necessity.

warmer wall_SO_Nancy_185.jpg

Honesty, transparency and authenticity are the foundations of this business.

That’s why I’ve spent countless hours, weeks, and months working with culinary professionals to formulate an original recipe collection, made with only the best ingredients. We are kind of obsessed with flavors and quality. And it has definitely paid off.

I’m really happy with the amazing recipes we have to offer you and your busy life. Spoon Optional is convenient nourishment. And what could be better than that?