Noodles w/ Minted Pea Sauce & Lemon Ricotta

Noodles with Minted Spring Pea Sauce & Lemon Ricotta | 1 jar Spoon Optional Minted Spring Pea, Leek & Garlic soup, 1 lb noodles, 8oz Ricotta, zest of 1 lemon, 2 T butter, salt & pepper |

We paired one of our favorite locally-produced items, Dumpling & Strand noodles, with Spoon Optional Minted Pea, Leek & Garlic soup for a delightfully light but filling meal. Perfect for the transition to spring!


Makes 4 servings.


Even Easier:

  • Omit the ricotta. Instead, grate fresh parmesan cheese over the top of the noodles & sauce.
  • Rather than thickening the soup, just heat it in the pan long enough to warm it through. It still tastes delicious!

Even Fancier:

  • A medium or medium well steak, cut into strips would add extra protein and be a welcome addition this this dish.
  • Buy a loaf of your favorite fresh bread from a local bakery to sop up the extra sauce in your bowl!