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Twin Cities Live

Fit Fest 2019


Dining and Food Editor of Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine, Stephanie March stopped by the studio with a preview for the event Fit Fest. 

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City South Magazine

Super Soup: Nancy Fink’s Spoon Optional Offers New Sippables in Time for Fall


When we last heard from Nancy Fink, she had just launched Spoon Optional, her St. Louis Park-based business selling sippable soup

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Kare 11

Minnetonka woman creates 'Spoon Optional' soup for on-the-go


Nancy Fink never set out to start a business but by October 2016 she had launched her own soup company, Spoon Optional.

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TC Jewfolk

After Hiatus, Nancy Fink’s Spoon Optional Bounces Back


It’s never an easy decision to pause the business you built from the ground up, but Nancy Fink knew that was what she was going to have to do to ultimately make Spoon Optional successful.

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Journal Sentinel

Childhood memories led Bayside native to create Spoon Optional, a line of portable soups


Nancy Fink’s memories of her mother and grandmother include chopping a lot of garlic and onions. Soup was a staple of her childhood in Bayside. 
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City Pages

Meet the Minnesota mom making soup you drink straight from the bottle


We're living in a glorious, post-vessel-specific future. Why, then, should soup keep you chained to a table, bound by the silvery shackles of the spoon?
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Pioneer Press

A New Look


Since it’s inception two years ago, we knew Spoon Optional, the local, portable, sippable soup brand, was on to something.

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KARE 11 News

Wellness Trends in 2017


The beginning of the new year is a great time to try out new trends! Sarah Carlson of the Real Housewives of Minnesota joined KARE 11 to talk about a few wellness trends expected in 2017.

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featured in the WCCO kitchen


Owner & Founder of Spoon Optional, Nancy Fink, talks about sippable soup and how it can be convenient & portable or dressed up for the holidays. 

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Twin Cities Live

featured as a fresher gift idea


Spoon Optional sippable soups are featured as Emily Engberg presents her ideas for local Minnesota holiday gifting.

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Soups You Can Sip! MN Parent Magazine Spoon Optional Story

Minnesota Parent

Soups You Can Sip!


(excerpt) "With summer arriving — and a different kind of “busy” coming our way — we know we’re going to need convenience foods (that are also swimsuit-body-friendly).

But that doesn’t have to mean scavenging half-eaten granola bars and the kids’ leftover Goldfish crackers.

Thanks to a local stay-at-home mama, there’s another option — organic, gluten-free, vegan, sippable jars of soup."

Minnesota Monthly

Local Picks: May 2017


(excerpt) " Spring has sprung, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy some soup. Nancy Fink’s Spoon Optional soups are made with organic ingredients and can be sipped straight from the jar—a perfect on-the-go meal."

Pioneer Press

On-the-go stay-at-home mom behind Spoon Optional's sippable soup


(excerpt) "With soup season in full bore, local outfit Spoon Optional ( is armed and ready with its line of refrigerated soups that can be sipped straight out of BPA-free plastic jars, hot or cold, with or without a spoon, for when you’re on the go.

The range of varieties — from Super Greens to Cauliflower with Celery Root and Fennel — shows that these are not your everyday soups found on store shelves.

We chat with founder Nancy Fink, 38, about how the idea came about and plans to expand to more locations."

Minnesota Business

Spoon Optional, Satisfaction Required


(excerpt) “As a busy mother of three, I found soups to be a healthy and filling snack or meal option when I was on the go,” says Nancy Fink, owner and founder of Spoon Optional. Nancy wants to change the way people think about soup. “We typically think to eat soup hot in a bowl when it’s cold outside. Our soups bring portability and ease to the category — they can be eaten hot or cold, and with or without a spoon — easy for people on-the-go.”


St Louis Park Magazine

Spoon Optional, Nutrition Included


(excerpt) "Growing up watching her mom and grandma in the kitchen, Nancy Fink remembers how she found her “happy place” there. With a pot on the stove, veggies on the cutting board and delicious, savory scents wafting throughout the house, her love of food—soup, in particular—grew into one of her greatest passions.

“My favorite thing about cooking is that I have control of everything that goes into my food,” Fink says. “Healthy eating, healthy cooking and a healthy lifestyle are important to me.”

Star Tribune

Spoon Optional soups keep mealtime portable


(excerpt) "Especially at this time of year, homemade soup satisfies our winter appetites in so many ways — warming and comforting. But good homemade soup takes some effort to make.

Spoon Optional, the brainchild of Nancy Fink, a Minnetonka mom and soup aficionado, is a line of vegetable-based portable soups, made to sip on the go. Inspired by the fresh juice and smoothie products now on grocers’ shelves, these single-serve soups are delicious at room temperature, as well as when warmed up in the microwave or on the stove."

Nina Badzin

Supporting Your Friends' Dreams


(excerpt) "Today I have a story about making new friends, starting a new career, and supporting your friends’ dreams rather than being a naysayer..."


Minnesota Monthly

featured in the weekly Three Things to Eat story


"I’ve discovered my holiday season survival strategy: keeping a stock of these incredible soups near at hand at all times. These little jars are packed full of decadent flavors, but wonderfully light on the calories, not to mention nutrient dense. The super greens are luscious, hearty, and heavenly to sip on the day after a big meal. I also love the carrot turmeric for a beautiful blend of flavors and a dose of the superspice of the moment. These are all made locally and can be purchased through the website or at a few local retailers. I can just pop into my neighborhood juice shop and pick up a few jars at $8 a pop. "

TC Jewfolk

Spoon Optional Soups Offer Easy Meals On The Go


(excerpt) "After spending the last nine years as a stay-at-home mom of three, Nancy Fink was ready to go back to work. The type of work, however, was less certain. Armed with a business background and a past working in human resources, Fink knew that was work that she wasn’t passionate about. So she started think about what she loved to do.

'My passion has always been cooking. It’s in my blood,” Fink said. “I grew up in the kitchen with my mom and my grandma, but I wasn’t formally trained. I wasn’t looking to become a chef anywhere. So what could I do with my love for cooking in a way that’s fulfilling to me?'..."

Well + Swell

featured in the weekly Friday High Five roundup post


"Souping is the new juicing. That's what the cool kids are saying. And when it comes to nutrition, this soup really cooks. I stumbled upon Spoon Optional at my local co-op, when the owner was offering taste tests. One sip and I was sweet on this soup startup! With Spoon Optional, you can just take and go...chilled or warm. Keep your eyes on this growing Minnesota startup."