Are the vegetables and ingredients in Spoon Optional soups fresh, organic and local? 

Fresh? Absolutely. Local? You bet. And almost all the ingredients we use are organic. Our black pepper, however, is not. You can see the list of ingredients for each soup in the shop. We have labeled each organic ingredient with “*” so they’re easy to find.


Spoon Optional soups say "vegetarian" but also look vegan. Do they contain any dairy? 

None of the soups contain dairy or meat byproducts. So yep, they are all vegan. Some people also call this plant-based. We plan to change the labeling in the future to make that extra clear.


Are Spoon Optional soups gluten-free?

None of the Spoon Optional soups contain any ingredients with gluten. However, they are made in a commercial kitchen where gluten is used. We cannot certify them gluten-free at this point. 


Are Spoon Optional soups safe for someone with a peanut or tree nut allergy? 

Spoon Optional soups contain no nuts of any kind. However, they are made in a commercial kitchen where peanuts and tree nuts are used. We cannot guarantee they are nut-free at this point.


What's the best way to heat Spoon Optional soups?

The plastic containers that we use for our soups, while durable and so very convenient, are not microwave-safe. We usually pour our soup into a microwave-safe container to heat in the microwave, or warm it over a low heat in a pan on a stove. Either way works great!


Can I purchase a quantity larger than 12oz?

Absolutely. If you're a member at a co-op where Spoon Optional is sold, talk to the Manager there. Typically they'll order you full cases for a discount. 


Can I place a special order for a flavor that isn’t currently available? 

Sorry, not at this time. The best part of our soups is that we use fresh, seasonal ingredients. So if a soup is not currently available, that means we don't have access to all of the ingredients in that soup at that particular time of year. Check the Sippable Soups page to see when each soup will be available again. It’ll be worth the wait.


Where can I find Spoon Optional soups? 

As of right now Spoon Optional sippable soups are making their way back to retail shelves soon. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter (using the form below) to be the first to get updates.