We don’t believe you have to be sitting when you soup. Who has time for that sort of mealtime formality? That’s why we made our sippable soups incredibly portable. Pack yourself some Spoon Optional, and you’re good to go. It can be a snack or a meal, there are no rules. You live your life, and just bring us along for the ride.


Better than juicing, our soups offer your body vegetables that have been broken down through the cooking process, making it easier to digest and absorb all the amazing nutrients found in every clean ingredient. It’s like taking the express lane to a nice little health boost. Healthy living without all the hard work.


Of course our soups are low in sugar and high in fiber, but more importantly, our sippable soups are delicious. And filling. And satisfying. All that good stuff, without the bad. We are redefining comfort food by making soups that don't require blustery weather patterns. Delicious and comforting, cold or warm, any time of year.